Celebrating the 20th year anniversary of Nhat Quang Steel (June 1, 1999 – June 1, 2019)

  1. Mini football tournament

Opening flag salutation ceremony


The matches took place lively and bustling

The winning team takes a photo with the championship trophy

  1. Musical Night

Some musical performances

  1. Team Building: Spirit of Steel

All employees of Nhat Quang Steel

Team building activities

  1. The 20th anniversary of Nhat Quang Steel Gala night with the theme “Stable and shine” took place at Him Lam Palace with the participation of all members of the Company and special guests.

Board members cut the opening cake of the party

Some pictures in the party

  1. Award Ceremony: Innovation to improve productivity, quality and work efficiency

Units achieved the Consolation Prize

Units achieved the C rank Prize

Units achieved the B rank Prize

Units achieved the A rank Prize

Activities Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nhat Quang Steel ended with an unforgettable Gala night. Over the past 20 years, every step and every success of Nhat Quang Steel has been achieved thanks to the unanimous consensus of all the employees. With this 20-year-old milestone, Nhat Quang Steel will grow stronger; sustainable development, success; always strong as a leading manufacturer of quality steel pipes and industrial steel in Vietnam.



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