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Open letter

Nhat Quang Steel was established in 1999 with the target to become the leading manufacturer and trader in Vietnamese steel industry, serving demands of modern social life.

During these years, Nhat Quang Steel has been making unstoppable efforts to overcome difficulties, staying creative and dynamic, updating the technology and professionalizing human resource system in order to satisfy increasing demand of the market in the era of integration and development of Vietnamese economy.

Nhat Quang Steel has the advanced, environmentally friendly technology from developed countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Germany, as long with professional and skilled human resource, as well as good production management and quality management system. Highly evaluated by foreign and domestic partners, products of Nhat Quang Steel always maintain the quality and be the leading brandname in Vietnamese market. Currently, products of Nhat Quang Steel have a stable distribution system nationwide, some have been exported to: USA, Australia, Hong Kong as well as supplied to customers in domestic manufacturing zones.

With the motto “New steel, new era”, Nhat Quang Steel commits to keep on making efforts to improve ourselves for the sustainability of the Company and contribute to the development of the society.

We would like to express our special thanks and wish to continue to receive the trust and support of all partners and customers so that we can accompany and cooperate to achieve more success.


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