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With international quality standards, Nhat Quang Steel’s products are applied in mechanical fields such as: machinery manufacturing, precision engineering, …

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With 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing high quality industrial steel pipes, trusted by many partners for industrial projects such as: Thermal power plants, Oil refineries, Drilling rigs, …

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Agriculture infrastructure

Nhat Quang Steel products are durable, not easily rusted, and are applied to constructions serving Vietnam’s agriculture infrastructure such as: Irrigation systems, Greenhouse frames for agricultural products, …

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Transportation infrastructure

Nhat Quang Steel products are durable, good quality, widely used in transportation infrastructure projects: high speed barges, highways, …

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Nhat Quang Steel products are trusted by many contractors to put into use in construction such as: Terminals, Airports, …

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Supporting industries

The establishment of Nhat Quang Steel Coil Center proves that Nhat Quang Steel is participating in developing supporting industries in Vietnam.

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