Steel Pipes

Nhat Quang Steel Pipe is manufactured on a large scale and professionally. Experienced since 2002.

  • Lines and Equipments: Made in Japan, Germany, Taiwan, China.
  • Product standards: BS EN 10255: 2004; ASTM A53 / A53M-12; JIS G3444: 2015 and JIS G3466: 2015
  • Management process: ISO 9001: 2015
  • The main products:
    • Galvanized steel pipe - SSP
    • Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe - BSP
    • Black welded steel pipe, pressure-resistant pipe - HSP
    • Industrial stainless steel pipe – ISP

With the orientation of developing high-quality products, Nhat Quang Steel Pipe always affirms the leading quality in Vietnam market, trusted by partners, customers and users.

ống thép nhật quang


Production Process

quy trình sản xuất ống thép 

Quality Control System

  • All Nhat Quang Steel Pipe products are manufactured and controlled in accordance with the scientific and closed quality management process, ensuring the products meet the standards set by the manufacturer.
  • The laboratory is invested synchronously and locally in order to best meet job requirements.
  • Production management software: Bravo 8 (with the right to use copyright).


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